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mypicHi!  Welcome to my online resume.  I’ve been working professionally in the web and design world since 1994.  Back then, it was boxing up huge 250 megabyte Syquest disks for a catalog to mail to the printer, as well as optimizing websites to load more quickly for dial up modems.  Today, I’m still sending files for printing, but via the web, and now it’s optimizing websites for mobile devices.  I am passionate about what I do: delivering and displaying content to my clients’ customers in an engaging, easy to use, and professional fashion.

Throughout the years I’ve developed and designed for different technologies and devices.  Interactive CD-ROM’s were a particularly satisfying time as it was an avenue to build a rich, interactive user experience that was too large to stream through the internet at that time.  I also worked with Getty Images back in 2000 to develop the first set of stock motion DVD titles that included editable After Effects files of all of the clips in the title.

I like to add excitement and texture to the designs and projects I create.  If the project is for print, web, or television, then I believe the end user should have a good, memorable experience with the piece presented to them.  The challenge in today’s industry is combining content into the dynamic media, so that the message can also be easily understood within the branding.  Over the last few years, end users are becoming increasingly more impatient with technology, and will just move onto a competitor if the website isn’t easy to use.  It’s been my job over the past 20 years to find the balance between delivering the brand message creatively, while allowing the user to easily find the content they are after, or complete a checkout from their phone or media device.

In my personal life I’m very happy and proud of my family. This year I celebrated my 21st anniversary with my wonderful wife, Deanna. My oldest son, Kyle, graduated with honors from Grants Pass High School, and also worked hard to have enough RCC credits to earn him his 2 year associates degree. He also earned his Eagle Scout rank. My younger son, Zack, is entering his Sophomore year at GPHS and plays football, is working towards his Eagle Scout badge, and is the Josephine County 4H ambassador.

One of my side hobbies is restoring old VW’s. Mainly the pre ’67 busses. CLICK HERE to view a flicker gallery of my work.  I also enjoy screen printing and have a 6 color t-shirt press that I’ve been making VW-themed shirts on, as well as contract work for various businesses and events around the valley.

"Over the years I've owned over 30 Air Cooled VW's"


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telly_newlogosmall2Three 2008 Bronze Telly Awards for design work on ‘Live Audio Basics’ DVD

One 2009 Bronze Telly Award for design work on ‘Awakening’ DVD

Two 2009 Silver Telly Awards for Graphics/Animation work on ‘Awakening’ DVD

One 2011 Bronze Telly Award for design work on ‘One Journey’ DVD

One 2011 Silver Telly Award for editing on ‘One Journey’ DVD

"In the late 80's I was the BMX Northwest Freestyle Vert champion for the NAFA contest series."


Click Here To Download My Full Resume

Professional UX / Print / Motion and Multimedia designer who has been working in the field full time for over 17 years. My goals are optimizing the user experience through Clear Content, Navigation and Dynamic Design.

In a nutshell:

HARRY & DAVID – /  November 2015 – Current:
UX/UI Designer | Medford, OR: Provide UX direction for Harry & David, Wolferman’s and Stockyards websites.   Through rapid prototyping, I develop online user experiences for my project stakeholders. Provide HTML/CSS coding support to areas on the website during the peak holiday sales time.


PIXEL PRODUCTIONS / FEBRUARY 2014 – November 2015:
Lead UX Designer / Web Programmer | Medford, OR: Designing user interfaces for e-commerce and WordPress based websites. Other responsibilities include branding design for websites and print items such as catalogues and packaging.


HARRY & DAVID – /  JUNE 2013 – FEBRUARY 2014:
UX Designer | Medford, OR: Provided UX direction for various projects related to the Harry & David, Wolferman’s and Cushman’s websites.  Worked with the creative department to design homepage banners and Google sales banners.  Provided HTML/CSS coding to areas on the website during the peak holiday sales time.


Owner | Grants Pass, OR: This was my freelance business that I managed full time for 9 years. I ran all aspects of the business from billing, design, programming, art direction, client management,  project management and project workflows.


Multimedia Director | Medford, OR: Head of all the multimedia and design work that was produced by this advertising agency. Other responsibilities included project management, budgeting and technical director on video shoots.


Graphic and Web Designer | Grants Pass, OR: Developed print media and presentations for the instructors. Also was in charge of video commercials and still slides for the 24 hour RCC TV channel.


Graphic and Web Designer | Medford, OR: Giftware company. Worked with a team of designers on toy and giftware products and packages. Designed packaging dielines, design for packaging, detailed renderings of porcelain sculptures that were produced in China. Responsible for the design, programming and maintenance of the company’s websites.


NIKE / APRIL 1995 – JANUARY 1998:
Graphic and Web Designer | Beaverton, OR: Provided multimedia presentations for the marketers to support their sales pitches to companies like Foot Locker, Foot Action and Kids Footlocker. Provided renderings of shoe design concepts, catalog design and large format prints.


TYCO / 1994 – 1996:
Graphic and Web Designer | Beaverton, OR:  Illustrated and digitally painted ViewMaster® animation cells for the product line.  Provided packaging design for the Magna Doodle® line of products. Illustrated the Viewmaster cartoon product line animation cells in Photoshop.

Click Here To Download My Full Resume



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